#LitLead Chat June 12 – Teaching Complex Ideas with Creativity

Summer is here! Almost time for the June #LitLead Twitter chat. Join me on June 12 at 8:30 p.m. EST to talk about a hot topic: creativity. We’ll debunk a few myths about being creative and discuss ways to combat our instructional dilemmas with a creative spirit.

Tanny McGregor

Tanny McGregor

Complex text is full of complex ideas. Complex content is, too. We need to share and embrace creative approaches to lead our students to a deeper understanding of what they’re reading and learning.

If you think of yourself as a creative person, please join us. If you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body, please, please join us! The amalgamation of our ideas will make us all smarter…and more creative thinkers.

Consider the following questions. Let’s dig into these on June 12!

  • What is your definition of creativity?
  • How do you value creativity in your school? In your classroom? In your students?
  • When you’re planning to teach a complex concept that you anticipate will be tough to teach (and tough to learn), what creative approaches might you try? (music, art, movement, etc.)
  • How can we encourage a spirit of creativity in our colleagues and ourselves?
  • What resources inspire you to be a creative teacher?

See you online,

Tanny McGregor


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