#LitLead Chat Preview 7.10.14 w/ Dorothy Barnhouse (@dorobarn)

Dorothy Barnhouse

Dorothy Barnhouse

Making Thinking Visible in Reading Instruction

When I first started teaching reading after years of teaching writing I was shocked at how invisible it seemed. My students sat there with a book open in front of them and I couldn’t SEE anything. It was so different from teaching writing, where I could examine drafts and notebook entries  — actual words that students had written down. But with reading? There was the book and there was the brain. How did I know what was going on between the two?  And how did I know what to teach?

I’m thrilled to be chatting about this, as making invisible thinking visible is an on-going challenge in reading instruction. We’ll consider some of the following questions:

Why is it important to make thinking visible in reading instruction? How has it helped you and your students?

  1. What kinds of thinking do you try to make visible for your students?
  2. How do you use whole class, small group and one-on-one instruction to make thinking visible?
  3. How can we help students make their thinking visible?
  4. What are some challenges you’ve faced in making thinking visible with your students?
  5. What tools or resources have you used that help you make thinking visible?

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “#LitLead Chat Preview 7.10.14 w/ Dorothy Barnhouse (@dorobarn)

  1. This will be fun to chat about tonight. One of the challenges I face as a high school teacher is students who see themselves as “already knowing how to read”, and who are reluctant to slow down, to pause in order to make their own thinking visible or audible, when it is likely to benefit themselves and others.

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