#LitLead 8.14.14 Preview – Launching Independent Reading

After reading the work of Donalyn Miller and Penny Kittle, English teachers at Chatham Middle School and Chatham High School teachers implemented independent reading into their middle and high school classrooms.  By simply giving students the time and the resources to read books they choose, our school has truly become a community of readers.  Tonight’s #LitLead guest hosts, Gina Bakaj, Oona Abrams and Christina McCabe, are excited to share what they have learned and to learn from all of you!  We look forward to chatting  about independent reading tonight at 8:30 pm ET!


Below is a sneak preview of the discussion questions:
1. Why is IR important? What are your goals in implementing IR?
2. How do you get student buy-in to IR?
3. On Day 1, how do you introduce IR to your Ss?
4. How do you help Ss find their first book choices?
5. What are creative and authentic ways to share book suggestions?
6. How do you build an authentic community of readers around IR?
7. How can you get admins and teachers involved in IR?
8. How do you include parents in IR?
9. What do you (the teacher) do during IR time?
10. How do you assess IR authentically?
11. How do you keep track of what Ss read?
12. What books will you recommend to Ss this year?


And here is Penny Kittle’s video I showed the English department at our opening meeting last year that inspired even the most dubious members of my team.


Reading 2011


See you online tonight!


~Heather Rocco
Supervisor of English Language Arts & Literary, Grades 5 – 12

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