Digital Reading – #LitLead Preview 2.12 @ 9pm ET

On Thursday, February 12 at 9 p.m. EST, CEL’s guest host, Sara Kajder (@skajder), will join us to discuss “Digital Reading.”  Here is a preview of the chat:
Sara Kajder

Sara Kajder

What it means to read; how we access, select, and hold onto texts; and the strategies we use for constructing and sharing our meaning making have been dramatically impacted and enabled by newer literacies and technologies. So, if reading in digital spaces is different, what are we doing to create instructional opportunities for students and teachers to explore practices now open/available?  Or, are we simply applying print reading strategies (and putting out other fires as they are burning a bit hotter?)  In this hour, we will talk about our own digital reading practices as well as the ways in which we might support students practices and meaning making in digital spaces.

Questions will include:
1.  What counts as “digital reading” in our curricula?  Is that only on-screen reading, or are there other attributes?
2.  We often ask teachers to model their active reading lives for students.  Does that need to include their digital reading practices?
2.  How are we cultivating digital libraries?
3.  What does “social reading” require/invite?
4.  What are the scaffolds needed as we help students navigate and annotate digital texts?
5.  Where and when do we open our digital reading work to include readers outside of the classroom?
6.  If you are a literacy leader, how are you providing PD and supporting teachers through this learning?
We look forward to learning from all of you!

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