Climbing Aboard the Titanic in Ms. Herzner’s Third Grade Class

Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care

By Barbara Herzner and Kristen Hawley Turner

“Megan’s Titanic Presentation.”  My calendar notification reminded me to shift my work schedule the next day so that I could “climb aboard the Titanic” in my daughter’s third grade classroom.  I had witnessed her enthusiasm for writing grow in Ms. Herzner’s class over the year, and I did not want to miss her reading the journal entries she had written from the perspective of a Titanic passenger.  Even so, I was surprised by her announcement as I walked in the door of our home that evening.

“I need to dress like a boy tomorrow.”

Megan made the statement so matter-of-factly that it took me a minute to follow with the natural question.


“Well, I’m Harold Victor Goodwin, and I need to look like him for my presentation tomorrow.”

Her eyes sparkled with excitement, and it was impossible not to catch the spirit…

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