A Year in the Life of Writers Who Care

Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care

At the end of 2017, we are thankful for the many contributions that have made Teachers, Parents, Profs: Writers Who Care an ongoing voice for authentic writing instruction.  In 2017, the Writers Who care blog had over 21,000 visitors from countries all over the world. We published 20 new posts written by teachers, parents, and professors on topics such as school writing vs. authentic writing, writing at home with kids in the summer, supporting bilingual writers, and studying comics.

In September of 2013, the blog published its first post with this mission:

  1.  Spotlight and celebrate the powerful writing work that teachers and students currently do, and illustrate how that work could potentially be affected by certain educational and/or political policies.
  2. Circulate information about teaching practices and policies, so that our audiences can advocate strongly for students and teachers.
  3. Address how research affects writing in schools and…

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